Hualien cultural and creative industries park is located in the center of Hualien city. The historic settlements build in 100 years ago have 3.3 hectares, including 26 old factory warehouses. It will be opened in three years (2012-2015) successively and apply exhibition, performance, dining, featured products, educational lecture, travel information, etc. Expected shape a cultural and creative vitality and contemporary life-style by artistic activities and commercial services. a-zone also is the best tourist region in East.

*P.S: CCA conducted public bidding at 2011 with ROT. And the newkind Corporation got the right to operate. The management team transferred the land rights with CAA at April 2, 2011. Launch the first phase of four months after reviewing the operation plan in May (Including fire control, sewage, creation of electromechanical systems and interior renovation of first phase). According the contract, opening the 30% area of the total floor and began trial operation of first phase at October 2 in the same year. (Trial operation of second phase: opening the 50% area of the total floor at July, 2013. Operate completely at 2015.)